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This is how you can be the next Top Chef 2019


Okay, let's get started!​​​​​

The first step for you is to register your Top Chef account on our registration page. 


Click on the link in the email that we sent you. This will take you to the login page while also displaying a successful registration message. 

You can now login to your Top Chef  account and complete your registration.


When you have successfully logged in to your Top Chef account click on My Account in the top bar. 


​In your account dashboard click Edit Profile.


There are a few things we need to update here. If you are going to participate in the online cooking competition, you need to complete all details including your social media accounts as this is how you get more votes. We will release some videos on how to promote your competition entry  and they will be emailed to you over the next few weeks.

This will complete the website registration process. Now lets look at how to enter in to the competition. 


Firstly  we need to know what you are going to cook, so your first step would be to enter a recipe that you will be using. There are two ways of doing this. It can be done directly in your dash board or in the top-bar on any page.

top chef recipe


This is quite self-explanatory, see image below.

enter recipe


In order to participate in the Top Chef cooking competition we need to see you cooking your selected dish. You need to record yourself cooking the recipe that you submitted. You can submit your recipe first and then come back and update your recipe when you have completed your video.    Now upload your video to your YouTube account, then copy the URL in the top-bar. DO NOT USE THE SHARE BUTTON LINK see image below.


The following steps are quite self explanatory,


Add your Ingredients.  


Use -- between each step


​Now complete the rest and click Submit Recipe 


Your Recipe/Entry has now been submitted to Top Chef for approval as we manually approve every entry. You will receive an email when your submission has been approved.   

Top Chef wishes you all the best on your journey to become Top Chef 2019

Top Chef Resources 

you can now be part of Top Chef and have your business on our  RESOURCE page.

We will only select a few businesses in each category so the number of  businesses is limited.

In each category there  will be two listing types. Premium listing and a standard listing. There will only be three premium listings and five standard listings in each category. 


More Coming Soon

More Coming Soon

More Coming Soon


Shop Coming April 1, 2019 

Resources Coming Soon

Resources Coming Soon

Resources Coming Soon

Resources Coming Soon

Resources Coming Soon